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Goodreads reading challenge 2017

2017 is going to be my 4th year of undertaking the reading challenge on Goodreads. My past stats are:

2014 – goal 26 read 25 (I then re-read the Harry Potter series but as I’d read them before they didn’t count to my total!)

2015 – goal 35 read 35 – this one I set at 25 then kept upping the challenge

2016 – goal 30 read 43 – niiiiice

So in 2017 I’ve set myself the challenge of 35 which seemed reasonable based on my past history. I don’t want to set an unreachable target as I’ll only get anxious and stressed (not what reading is about) but I still want something to push for.

There are huge challenges out there, and mine is below the average (which is currently 45) but I can handle that! I read fast, sure, but I’ve got a lot of other things going on in my life and realistically the time where I could spend a day curled up with a book, a blanket and endless cups of tea is behind me.

I honestly don’t really know why I do the challenge. I don’t have many friends that interact regularly with Goodreads like I do, and most of those don’t do the challenge. It doesn’t change or influence my reading – I’d be doing it anyway – but it just feels great to see that total going up and a little virtual bookshelf of everything you’ve read that year. I also like the year end summary you get in December which outlines how many total pages you read, how well the books you read were received by other Goodreads users and similar stats.

Goodreads is free, a nice way to find book recommendations (although I’ve largely given up on reading the user reviews, nobody needs 18 gifs to review one book) and some authors even interact with their readers on there. I use it a lot, even going so far as to update what page I’m on of my current book – I don’t think anyone cares! Why not check it out for yourself – you might find yourself introduced to a book that you fall in love with.

I’ll be updating each month with a rundown of the reading I’ve done and my #1 pick of the books I’ve finished. Expect murder and mystery from the January instalment…

Have a lovely day,

E x


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