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Mini(ish) Boots haul

I had a lunchtime to kill and a points offer burning a hole in my advantage card, so this week I took myself off to Boots to pick up some bits I needed (i.e. a shower lily – not pictured) and some bits I didn’t (i.e. everything you see above).

Here’s a quick rundown of what I bought, why, and some first impressions.

First off I went to the Rimmel stand, as I’d heard good things about their foundations and my beloved Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless (I’ll be posting about this in the future) was running low. I went with the Wake Me Up which promises luminous skin and has the added bonus of containing SPF 15 – not great for photographs but excellent for skin care and sun safety. As cold as it is in the UK right now, it’s also really sunny and an SPF is definitely something that I would recommend wearing on a daily basis. I picked the shade “ivory” which usually suits me. I’m looking forward to trying this, as it’s a bit less heavy than the foundations I usually go for, and I’m hoping something a bit more hydrating and light might stop the caking and sinking into my pores that I experience.


Rimmel makeup was 2-for-£10 so I also got a pan of their full coverage Lasting Finish concealer in the shade “porcelain” – this is for use around my eyebrows, and to neaten up the edges of my eye makeup. Initial finger swatches of this look a bit less “full coverage” than I was expecting, but I’ll reserve judgement until I do a full face and try it out. I’ll let you know!

Next, I hit up L’oreal who have a large stand – almost a counter (without dedicated staff) in the large Boots near me. I had specific things I wanted from here, based on blogger recommendations so I picked up a Glam Bronze bronzer in Gold Bronze and the False Lash Sculpt mascara in black.


First impressions of the bronzer are good, although I’m worried about how well it will travel, as all the compacts had some fallout already (I picked the best looking one!) and it seems a fairly soft powder. However, the shade is great, I love that it is matte but still glowy and the nice big mirror is a plus. I’m never going to use the brush that came with it though, it was quite scratchy feeling, and not the right shape for how I apply my bronzer.

The mascara has one of the strangest wands I’ve ever seen, it’s a one sided comb. I need to give this a proper try and review, as I’ve heard great things but the applicator is scaring me! The packaging controls the product dispensing well, and the black is very black – just what I want. I’m slowly coming around to using plastic mascara brushes, which I used to hate. Look out for a post coming soon on my favourite mascaras – I feel like I’ve tested hundreds in my quest for the eyelashes of my dreams!

The last makeup item I bought was a NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade “lace details”. It’s a really pretty pink-nude shade, and I bought it solely based on a beautiful makeup look I’d seen earlier in the week on the subReddit r/makeupaddiction. It’s gorgeous. I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I bought it, it’s subtle enough for work and like all NYX Lip Lingerie and Lip Suede liquid lipsticks, it has great staying power. I love it!

I also picked up a couple of makeup brushes, a cheap (£2.99!) Boots Seventeen lip brush to go with a lip palette I picked up at Christmas and promptly lost the brush for, and a Real Techniques blush brush, which I am going to use for bronzer. I love, love, love Real Techniques brushes, they are just about all I use now. The quality and value is unbeatable I think, and I’d really recommend them to everyone. Plus the range is getting bigger all the time – there are few times I need a brush that they don’t make (and that’s when I go to MAC).

Finally (phew) I grabbed a facial serum – La Roche Posay Rosiliac AC Intense (£17). It’s supposed to be good for calming mild to moderate rosacea, which I get a bit of on my right cheek (the left behaves itself). I have some redness and I am hoping this will combat it without causing a rosacea reaction. Fingers crossed. I’m going to use this for a few weeks and report back, so watch this space.

That’s your lot. I’m going to be using the products over the next few days and weeks and will report back on anything that I take a particular liking to. Also, I’m hoping that this will be the last time I need to use my work desk and iphone camera for my photos – they aren’t great are they? Better image quality from here on out!

Until next time,

Have a lovely day,

E x


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