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January Reads – a thrilling month

My 2017 Goodreads challenge (more on that in here) is well underway, with a nice round 10 books completed in the first month of the year. I’m not going to go through and review them all one by one, but below are some of the highlights and my #1 reading recommendation!

The general theme for this month has been “thrillers”. I normally mix up what I am reading to some degree or other, but since mid December I’ve been on a Linwood Barclay/Harlan Coben kick and it proved addicting. It all started with a Stephen King tweet:


I took his advice. I ended up buying the first two books (good old 3 for £10 on Amazon) and got the final one out of the library. The ones I bought have already been passed onto Mum for her enjoyment and from there will be posted to another murder and mystery-loving friend.

After I enjoyed Promise Falls so much, I ended up reading as much of his work as I could find in my local library, and from there expanded into reading Harlan Coben, who I knew wrote in a similar vein. He has a huge back catalogue of work and I was consistently able to get 2-3 from the library at once so have started working my way through them. I went into his books in a slightly haphazard way and unintentionally read book #10 in a series before reading any of the others! It wasn’t a real problem as they are all standalone novels, but now I need to go back to the beginning!

Similarly with Barclay – a lot of his novels are set around Promise Falls if not in the town itself. As such, characters crop up in other books and sometimes you do get hints of what might happen in other novels as you read. I think as long as you read the Promise Falls trilogy in order and No Time for Goodbye before No Safe House you will be ok though.

Neither author is over-graphic in terms of violence and gore. Some other thrillers I’ve read really focus on the forensics and police work – which I personally love – but these are more often than not from a civilian point of view which I find quite refreshing. They aren’t generally in the “twists for twists sake” style of thriller that I sometimes find annoying, but do tend to keep me guessing – more often than not I don’t realise what is going on or whodunit until the protagonists in the book do. I guess my armchair detective skills are a bit rusty!

I find thriller books easy to read and hard to put down, which explains the sheer number of books I’ve gotten through this month. I’ve been taking lots of baths to relax and read and going to bed early to fit chapters in before I sleep (it’s always “just one more” isn’t it?). I’ve read on my commutes and at lunchtimes. I’ve devoured books this month and have been introduced to some characters I love as well as two new authors with significant numbers of novels that will keep me busy for a while. Next month I do plan to diversify my reading more, as I have a backlog of fantasy calling my name!

So onto it, my #1 book pick this month. I really wanted to say The Twenty-Three but as it’s the final part of a trilogy it seems unfair! Instead start with Broken Promise and I promise you (ugh sorry, pun not really intended) that you’ll want to read the rest of the series.

I doubt I will read as many books next month, as I plan on getting stuck into some fat tomes of fantasy. I can only hope I find them as enjoyable as this month’s reads!

Have a lovely day!

E x




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