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A Cosy Chat – 3/2/17

Ahh, blog time. A little chatty update about what’s been happening over at PCHQ (aka a little end-terrace in Manchester).

Well, to start off with amazing, awesome, incredible news I can reveal that at the ripe old age of 32 I passed my driving test! (only 15 years too late, eh?) It was the second attempt due to a serious brain-fart moment back in November where I drove just fine but the knowledge of how to reverse around a corner simply fell out of my nervous head. This time around I kept my cool just-about and passed with only 3 minors, which I’m very happy with. Broom broom, time to get on the road!

Because of that, and because of who I am, I’ve also spent half the week in a mad worry/panic cycle, struggling to sleep, to concentrate and to keep calm. Before my test my breathing was somewhat erratic and I was physically shaking. My nails were bitten to nothing. I am not the most calm person, and I need to work on my own anxiety to try and take life a little less seriously and stop worrying about the things I can’t control. And to stop biting my nails, that’s gross!


I got myself a little acrylic treat to reward my hard driving work, and cover up the biting damage!

This week has otherwise flown by. I can’t believe it is Friday already and it feels great. I’ve got a long weekend ahead, having taken Monday off to recover from a late night watching the Superbowl this Sunday. I’m watching over at a friend’s house and am still to decide on what snacks to take – you have to have snacks with the Superbowl. Saturday night is going to be at the pub, enjoying a few g&ts and the conversation of good friends. All in all, a blissful weekend is planned. Relaxing, driving our car for the first time, playing some games and catching up with some mates. Everything a weekend should be.

One thing I did do this week was to finally watch The Godfather pt I and II (according to Mr Cosy, pt III is not worth watching!). I enjoyed them more than I thought I would, although I will admit I got a little distracted by Pinterest during pt II and struggled to follow what was going on, who was double crossing who, and who was alive or dead! I’m desperate for a cannoli now too, don’t forget the cannolis.

On the beauty front, a little PSA for all you thrifty makeup fans out there! Primark have £1 mini beauty spatulas in right now, a dupe for a £9.95 product on Amazon. I’ve picked one up, and it’s going to be great for when I start hitting the bottom of my Estee Lauder doublewear – glass bottles look pretty but are so impractical in other ways. I’m going to go back and pick up a second for skincare, nobody wants to waste precious drops of those expensive serums do they?

I also did a huge makeup brush clean this week – feels great when it’s done, but I doubt I’m the only person out there who thinks it is one of the worst jobs you have to do. Foundation brushes are my particular bugbear, I can never seem to get the centre all cleaned out – if anyone has any tips to help me, please please let me know!

Finally, my dress down Friday outfit of the day:


The jeans (ASOS but about 3 years old) make my legs look so short, but I love them! The jumper was another Primark purchase – £12 and currently in stores. I can’t see it washing amazingly well, but it is so soft right now. Converse in urgent need of replacement after travelling everywhere with me, and topped off with my favourite grey coat from M&S (£60 and I think still available). I really like the mix of the smart coat with the casual jeans and trainers, and I think the cute jumper works well with the way I’ve thrown my hair up. It’s such a comfy outfit, but I’ve tried to style it in a way that still looks like I’ve made a bit of effort. I initially tried this with some heeled ankle boots this morning, but a combination of a crisis of confidence and not being bothered to traipse about in heels all day sent me running back upstairs for my Converse!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and that your weekends are lovely and cosy!

Have a lovely day,

E x



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