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Fave Five – January 2017

One month of 2017 down already! In January I was loving:

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

I was both super-excited and super-hesitant about buying this. Excited, because I’d heard nothing but good things. Hesitant because it costs £40. Ouch.

For £40 you want it to be good, you want it to deliver what it says, and you want a decent amount of product. I have to say – it delivers. Since I bought this at the start of the month I’ve worn it every single time I’ve put on makeup (so 90% of the time basically!). It’s gorgeous. The powder is creamy and soft – unlike some other powders I have used there isn’t a cloud of powder in the air once you start applying it – it goes directly from the brush to your face with no clumping or fallout, like a fine veil of loveliness that sets your makeup and makes you gleam.

I chose the “dim light” version because it promised a flawless, poreless airbrushed look. It certainly blurs my pores, which are the bane of my life – especially on my nose. I feel more confident wearing it and it feels like it works with my makeup rather than against it; I can still blend contour, blush and highlight on top without any caking or chalkiness and it sets my undereye concealer beautifully. It is also good at controlling oil breakthrough.

One thing that isn’t so great about it is the colour. When you apply it to your face it provides a lot more colour than you get from swatching. It’s also quite warm. If you were very fair, I think this could be a problem. I can get away with it, with medium fair skin, but I think it will work best on medium skin tones and darker. A light touch is definitely needed.

Another downside is that now I want to try more shades. At £40 a pop. My poor wallet.

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sassy Mauve

2016 was the year I set out to find the perfect everyday pink lip colour. When it comes to reds, plums and browns I don’t have a problem, I suit nearly all the shades in that family. Nudes are hit and miss – I need to err on the darker and more neutral side to avoid looking dead. Pinks – tough. I can pull of a bold fuchsia without too much drama, but when it comes to paler tones, dusky roses or a subtle peach I struggle. I naturally have fairly dark lips, and anything too light looks very strange on me. I’d worked through a number of pink-toned nudes and muted shades, but I’d not found that holy grail.


This had all been inspired, weirdly, by Parks and Recreation where the female cast members keep sporting gorgeous pink lips that look work appropriate – I needed to get involved!

Then, out of nowhere, it arrived. Revlon had an amazing offer in Boots in December, where if you bought a couple of products you got a large kit of full size makeup items. I got this, promptly forgot about it and didn’t revisit till I was having a January makeup reorganise session. The lipstick was there. I tried it on and the rest is history. My perfect pink. It’s soft, non-drying and has surprising staying power for a creamy classic lipstick formula. Thumbs up. Plus, the shade is called “sassy mauve” which ticks all my 90’s boxes. Love.

3. Real Techniques Bold Metals collection brushes

Another thing I technically got in December because these were a Christmas present from my mum, who absolutely nailed it. I opened my presents and immediately wanted to go, take all my makeup off and redo it with these beautiful, beautiful brushes.

I’ve used Real Techniques brushes for a while, from their standard collection. They’re great and a real bargain. The Bold Metals collection takes this to the next level. They’re more than just a prettier, pricier version (they are GORGEOUS), they are amazing quality, and contain some shapes that you can only get from this collection.

I’ve used them all since I received them, and there are a few I reach for every day. Every. Damn. Day.

Tapered Powder Brush.

Couple this with item #1 on this list and you have a lovely face. Uh-huh, yup. It’s soft, not overlarge and picks up product well. A winner.

Tapered Crease Brush.

A game changer, I smoke out my crease with a darker shadow every day with this. It’s soft, precise and blends like a charm.

Blush Brush.

The main collection blush brush is HUGE. I use it for bronzer, it’s far too big (in my opinion) for accurate blush application. However the rose gold blush brush in this set is perfectly shaped, and beautifully soft. I’m never without it.

4. Ankle boots

Moving on from beauty, fashion-wise I have lived in ankle boots this month. I managed to pick up a couple of nice pairs from New Look and have been throwing them on with skinny jeans and skirts all month. Comfy, smart and (importantly) warm – I feel a bit more put together when I wear these, it’s a nice upscale from my usual Converse.


The tan ones are also real leather which is great for longevity and means they will wear nicely. The grey are faux suede which will look knackered a bit more quickly but would you just look at that gold detailing?! I had to have both.

I’ve also been trying to train myself back into heels, and the ankle support that comes with boots means that I can get away with a bit more of a heel than I normally like to wear. The faux suede black numbers were from Primark and I can spend all day walking about in them with no foot pain at all, and that confident strut only a heel can give.

Finally, the brown ones are a bit busier than I would normally wear, but they’re super cute with some blue skinny jeans or a floral skirt. I’ve  not worn them as much, as the heel is a little higher and they aren’t quite as comfy although the sole is really nice and grippy – a definite bonus. I’m persevering though! These were from Amazon of all places, somewhere I constantly forget sells clothes. Prime delivery too, sweet.

5. Pilot Sign Pens

Bear with me, I know this is a strange inclusion.

Here’s the thing, I love love love stationery. I always have a notebook on me, am constantly writing lists, and have a head full of ideas that I don’t want to forget. After the wedding/Christmas organisation extravaganza that was November and December 2016, I needed to replenish my stock, and merrily tramped off to Paperchase where I picked up a violently neon yellow notebook (fab) and a couple of the Pilot vpen disposable fountain pens – perfect for someone who likes using proper ink pens, but is a bit clumsy!


I spotted these Sign Pens alongside, and grabbed the blue and black to try out as the nib style looked right up my street. They’re almost like felt tips, with a narrow nib and a lot of ink flow. They do bleed through more fine paper, and you don’t get a small line, so if your handwriting is particularly small or swirly – I’d avoid. For me, I have big handwriting, I tend to print rather than use cursive, and I like a bold look. They’re perfect, and I need them in every colour now!

So there it is, my fave five for January – how quickly the month flew by! February is usually a quiet month in the Cosy household. We have a couple of birthdays and our usual Valentines plans (watch this space) but other than that it’s going to be honeymoon planning, healthy eating (difficult when it’s so cold, all I want is dumplings) and lots of home-based activities. What are you looking forward to in February?

Have a lovely day,

E x


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