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Review – La Roche Posay Rosiliac AR Intense

Over the last couple of years I have really upped my skincare game in terms of routines and really looking at what my skin wants and needs. This has led me to try a lot of new products and also to learn a lot more about why my skin acts the way it does. One of the things I really wanted to concentrate on was targeting the redness I have across the tops of my cheeks. In order to do this, I splashed out the hefty £85 for a bottle of Good Genes by Sunday Riley (available in store and online at Space NK and online at Cult Beauty). At first I loved it – my skin was noticeably less red and (once I got over the smell!) it was something I used regularly overnight.

After a while however, it became too strong for my skin and in place of the red flush in my cheeks, my right cheek developed a bright, almost purple red, raised bumpy patch. It was itchy, hard to cover with foundation and seemed to get worse not better with the Good Genes. I stopped using it, but I couldn’t shift that patch of red. It really got me down – I felt like it was very noticeable and was worried that it would spread. Some internet research indicated that it was likely rosacea. Now before I go any further, two things I should point out: 1. I have not been to a dermatologist – I’m terrible for not going to the doctor, especially for something that isn’t worrying me in terms of death or disease! 2. I have pictures of my skin below – and you’ll see the patch I’m talking about but you will also note that in relation to how severe rosacea can get, my case is very mild – I’m lucky and I appreciate that I’m not testing this product on a heavy case, so please do bear that in mind.

So I picked up this product in Boots – it was £17, so much cheaper than the Good Genes, and the bottle is 40ml – for the amount you use I don’t think that this is a bad price at all, it’ll last for a while. I hadn’t heard anything about this before I bought it, but it was described as a “localised redness intensive serum” and I was prepared to stake £17 on clearing up the redness on my skin.

I took a picture of my skin in the harsh bathroom light at the start of the trial. I then used it as directed twice a day before applying moisturiser. I made no other changes to my skincare routine bar cleansing, which I mix up frequently. I then tested this for 3 weeks. Skin before:


Skin after:


It worked! I’m really pleased with how this has reduced the redness on my cheek, which you can hopefully tell from these pictures – it is still there, but so much less noticeable, and now I am much more confident in how my skin looks without makeup. What doesn’t come across as well in pictures is the difference in my skin texture – it’s huge. My skin texture is now smooth and uniform, no more raised bumpy angry patches, it looks and feels great. It’s not a quick fix, my skin isn’t cleared yet but it is improving and I will continue to use this. You can clearly see where the patch was, but every day it is that little bit better – I’ll update again if I ever completely get rid of it.


So would I recommend? Absolutely – if you need it. This is very targeted skincare. If you don’t have redness or rosacea there is no point in getting this, you’d be much better off using a hydrating serum or similar to perfect your skin – don’t waste money on something you don’t need! Similarly, if you have more than a mild-moderate case of rosacea I’d recommend seeing a dermatologist before starting any non-prescriptive treatments – it probably wouldn’t do any harm, but likely wouldn’t do anything else either.

I’m still using this as I really want to get to an even skintone as possible and there is still some redness there. But the bumps are gone, the angry deep red is gone, and the itching is gone. All for £17 (and I’ve still got most of a bottle). Thumbs up – a product that delivers what it promises.


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