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A Cosy Chat – 17/02/17

Another week has gone by, and what a lovely one it has been. Although Mr Cosy and I don’t really go in for the faff and expense of Valentines Day, this year was particularly special as our first one as a married couple. Not only that, but on Valentines Day morning, Mr C found out that he had gotten the new job he had applied for internally (and had really wanted) – so we had double the celebration… but with the usual amount of pizza.

This year we settled ourselves down in front of a movie – Wet Hot American Summer (very funny and streaming on Netflix), snuggled under a blanket and just enjoyed a quiet night in in each others company. Not really different to any other night but its the way we like to spend it (and a night in in pyjamas is infinitely more cosy than being glammed up and at a fancy restaurant).

Also this week, we joined some friends in making a team for a Harry Potter themed quiz night at a pub in town. It has been a great excuse for me to re-read the books, even if I only made it to 3/4 of the way through Order of the Phoenix before quiz time was upon us. We watched the first couple of movies as well, I enjoy them but they just aren’t a patch on the books for me. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for a long time, and taking part in a quiz was something I couldn’t turn down! Our team of 6 (Yer a Quizzard Harry) came a respectable 2nd with 43/50. I’ll take it! Of course you always want to win but I really enjoyed testing my knowledge and a midweek night out with some friends was a real treat.

This weekend is going to be spent recovering from various injuries that have been sustained in the Cosy house this week. We’ve been in the wars and a lot of hot baths, comfy nests on the sofa and early nights are needed. Hopefully, we will be back up and running by next weekend which is gearing up to be busy. Sadly, we are also missing out on a nice walk we had planned which is a real shame, hopefully we will have lots of chances to make up for it once the weather starts to pick up.

On that note, I never thought I’d say this in my life being a sworn winter bunny, but I am beginning to look forward to Spring. The bitter cold seems to have crept into my bones and lodged itself there; I can’t remember the last time I was properly warm. As much as I love my jumpers, boots, scarves and coats I do think that I’m ready for the weather to start warming up. If it isn’t going to snow properly, then what is the point of putting up with it? I’ll link back to this post when I’m complaining about melting in the heat come July, just you watch me.

This week I finally replaced my trusty (very) old Cath Kidston wallet with a shiny new one. It was £80 from Ted Baker which I think is very reasonable as it is real leather. The soft grey and rose gold detailing is just my thing and I fancied a long flat wallet to replace my bulky square old one that was looking rather tatty. To try and combat the sheer bulk of store and loyalty cards I have amassed I’ve bought myself a separate card holder (£7.49 – Amazon) which is going to live in my bag ready for when I need it. It might seem like more faff, but the amount of time I spend currently going through each pocket of my wallet which has a stack of cards in is no better! At least this way I can see what I’m doing.

Finally, the countdown to our USA honeymoon has begun. Under 8 weeks and all the core organisation has been done, our accoms and travel booked and paid for. Now that is done, we are able to concentrate on the fun stuff – finding the restaurants, attractions and trips we want to take in. Obviously, I plan on hitting as many Sephora branches as I see, all in the name of research of course! We have some wonderful plans and it promises to be a once in a lifetime trip, I can’t wait to share it with my best friend.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

E x


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