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Custom Highlighter Palette – Makeup Obsession

If you’ve popped into a bigger Boots store recently, you may have noticed a slightly different looking makeup stand hovering around the cosmetic and gifts section. Makeup Obsession is a brand I only heard of earlier this year, when I noticed their large display in the Manchester branch and I picked up a couple of their eyeshadows to test both the quality and my skin-tones tolerance for reddish eyeshadow shades. I was pretty impressed with the colour payoff for the price (deeper and frosted shades are much better than the lighter ones) and decided to go back today and build myself a highlighter palette.

Basically the MO of MO (I astound myself, honestly) is that they are an affordable way to create custom palettes and that everything fits with everything else. They offer two sizes of empty palette (12 pan or 6 pan) and a series of lip, eye, cheek, contour and highlight pans. Great thing #1 – all the pans are the same size. This means that you could build an entire face into one handy palette – great for people that travel a lot, or to keep in a handbag or gym bag. Great thing  #2 – the pans pop out of the compact case they come in and pop straight into the palette with a plastic surround; no faffy depotting, no fussing with magnets, and a much cleaner palette at the end as you don’t have the empty space between the pans. Of course, if you would rather de-pot into a z-palette as I did with the eyeshadows I bought, you can but the pans themselves are stuck into plastic and are not magnetic. Not the end of the world, but when I first purchased I thought I didn’t have to do this and was a bit disappointed! Once the pans are in you can take them out and refill at any time – so you can change up your go-to palette regularly. I really like this flexibility and if I am happy with the products, I’m thinking a 12 pan could be a great travel companion for my upcoming honeymoon.

All pans are £3 and the empty palettes range in price from £4-£8 depending on size and finish. Gutted that the rose gold finish is only available on the 12 pan version!
I went with a gold palette because – let’s face it – I’m a magpie, and decided to fill it up with just highlighters. Highlighters are something I am really into at the moment, and I liked the idea that I could try playing with some more unusual colours without paying a high price. With that in mind, I went a-swatching and built this beauty:

The shades I picked are:

Finger swatches

The colour payoff is nice without being garish and they blend pretty well, especially considering the price. I’m not sure when I’ll use the strobe cream (precious) but the colour was too amazing not to pick it up – it looks like ultraviolet light! 

I’m excited to get using these, and I’ll be checking more of the Makeup Obsession collection out in future – you could easily build a palette of looks for a holiday and really slim down the packing! 

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