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A Cosy Chat – 24/02/17

This week has, at times, been a trial. And it’s all my own fault! Thanks to carelessness, socks and a very steep staircase, I’ve gone and given my tailbone a thumping which is incredibly painful and means that sitting down (erm, one of my favourite things to do) is very uncomfortable. It’s healing, and I’m getting better everyday, but there is something so demoralising about not being able to get comfy at all that grinds you down after a few days. I had a little weep, made a cup of tea, picked myself up and enjoyed the rest of the week. Some fun stuff has gone on so let’s concentrate on that!

First up it has been a week (and a bit) of birthdays. My mother and grandmother-in-law both have celebrated, and we are going over to Yorkshire this weekend for an 80th birthday party! I’m ridiculously lucky in that when I married Mr Cosy, I married into the most amazing family. They have all made me feel so welcomed and such a part of the family – it is lovely, and I know not everyone manages that with in-laws so I certainly don’t take it for granted. As such, I’m genuinely excited to see everyone that is going to be there, all the cousins (we are all really close in age which is great) and hopefully the newest family member who is 6 months old and gorgeous! I want my cuddle time dammit.

Not that I’d ever buy affection with baking, but I have knocked this beauty out to take over to my mother-in-laws tonight. It’s a gluten free orange cake made with polenta and ground almonds. It is the easiest cake in the world (recipe here) and is so moist and beautiful and versatile that it has quickly become a go-to recipe for me. You can enjoy it with a hot drink in the afternoon, or easily turn it into a dessert with some Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey or orange blossom water. If you were feeling fancy a sprinkling of gorgeous pomegranate seeds or unsalted pistachios would look and taste fantastic. Really though, we end up “neatening” the edges once it has been cut into and by the end of the weekend it’ll have been demolished in a series of ever-increasing slices.

It was also a good friend’s birthday this week which, by happy coincidence, coincided with one of our favourite bands playing live in Manchester. We booked the tickets months ago and come Wednesday night we were at the Royal National College of Music to enjoy 90 mins with The Handsome Family.

I was introduced to this band around 5 years ago by my now-husband, and instantly loved their almost country-esq sound. Please bear with me when I’m trying to describe music – I’m enthusiastic but no music journalist or scholar and I’m sure someone could be a lot more eloquent than I am! They’re a husband and wife duo from New Mexico who have released 10 albums of gorgeous music. Their songs tell stories – usually sad ones – and I really love the slice of Americana that their lyrics give you. A few years back they also had a song of theirs used as the theme to season 1 of True Detective ( – it’s a cracker, check it out).

I’ve seen them before but this time around was even better, they had a really amazing guitarist playing with them and had rearranged some of their songs into awesome new versions. I also got to hear my favourite of their songs – – which is about a bottomless pit someone finds in their backyard. I’d really recommend checking them out, they are on Spotify and Apple Music. There are curated playlists on both platforms so you can get  a bit of a “best of” compilation to introduce yourself. A lovely evening, a great band, and fantastic company – what more could you want?

A distinctly un-cosy storm hit us on Thursday. Fortunately Storm Doris (what a fantastic name) didn’t cause any property damage around our area, just played havoc with the wheelie bins! I made the mistake of venturing out, and ended up frozen to the bone after 5 minutes outside. I definitely should have stayed in with a blanket and enjoyed the sound of the wind. I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that allows home working, so I didn’t risk the public transport in case of getting stranded and instead stayed at home bundled up, running around shutting windows once all the doors started slamming upstairs – lucky I  was home really.

All in all, a quiet-ish week, but a nice one (if you exclude how grumpy the result of last night’s Pottery Throwdown made me). I can’t believe how quickly February has gone, Spring is just around the corner bringing the promise of more time spent outside enjoying camping, walks and bike rides (when my broken bum is fixed!!).

Have a lovely weekend everyone, 

E x 


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