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Fave Five – February 2017

Slightly later than planned, here are my favourite things from February!

1. Ouai volume shampoo and conditioner

When I cut my hair back in November 2016, I went from super long hair to a shoulder length cut. I absolutely love it, but without the versatility of being able to throw it up in a messy bun if it looks a bit lifeless, I needed to make sure I had shiny, manageable hair with bags of volume. I decided to try this brand based on blogger and Cult Beauty user reviews, and the popularity of Jen Atkin (who’s brand it is) amongst celebrities with gorgeous hair! At £20-£22 a pop, it is not a cheap shampoo, and a far cry from what I am used to using. It is sulphate free, and smells delicious. I’ve been using it for a few months, but have decided to add it to my February favourites based on just how much I’ve noticed the difference this month. I’ve had a tonne of bleach put into my hair, and rather than it being dry and dull, it is still soft, shiny and easy to work with. I definitely put this down to my change in shampoo. There is none of the build up that I’ve experienced with other brands, and I really do adore it. You also don’t need much and I’ve found that my hair is lasting longer between washes, so my initial £40 investment lasted me through to the end of February – whereas before with cheaper shampoos I was just rinsing through them – quite literally. Definitely worth the splurge and I feel like I won’t go back to high street brands now.

2. Soap and Glory Supercat liner

In January I decided that I wasn’t going to do winged eyeliner anymore. My lack of skills, shortsightedness and awkward hooded eyes meant that I struggled to get anything looking remotely acceptable. But, of course, I couldn’t stay away and decided to give the look one last shot with a new pen and a more refined technique (read: smaller wings). I bought this on a whim when it was reduced to £4 (usually £6) – and even better, it is easily available in Boots. Particularly helpful when I lost the lid to my first one and it dried out!! This is by far the easiest liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. The black is really black and doesn’t pull your eyeshadow off. I have such great control, I can get delicate or dramatic wings depending on how I approach the pen, and it doesn’t sink into my crinkly eyelids. Even better, it dries quickly so I don’t get duplicate lines on my upper eyes. It’s affordable, easy to use, and performs well. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone that isn’t a natural with eyeliner, and it has now become a daily (winged eyeliner daily!) staple in my routine. Fab.

3. Leafy and Lovely Summer Meadow hand cream

I got this as part of a Christmas present from one of my very best friends, and it has lived in my work rucksack ever since. It’s a nice sturdy tube and I don’t feel like it is going to explode which is a relief. First off, the smell is gorgeous. Gorgeous. It is delightful, fresh and floral without being soapy, and it is perfect for the Spring that is now trying to peek out from behind the clouds. It also absorbs really well, quickly and with no greasy residue. It moisturises very well and the only reason I ever apply it more than once a day is because it is such a pleasurable experience! Yummy yummy yummy, I’ll be getting some more as soon as I run out (and maybe a smaller size for travel – fingers crossed they make one!).

4. Twinings cherry bakewell green tea

Time for me to go off piste and pick a couple of items outside of the beauty spectrum to include. First up, something I’ve been ignoring since I first spotted it on the supermarket shelves! The idea of cherry bakewell flavoured tea sounds silly at best, and coupled with green tea (which I generally don’t like) I was having none of it. However, a commenter on the CasualUK subReddit mentioned that it was delicious and was so enthusiastic about it that I ended up buying some that lunchtime and giving it a go. Blimey, he wasn’t wrong. It is great! It does have a subtle almond and cherry flavour, a certain sweetness, and the leafiness that I normally dislike in green tea (putting it mildly, it tastes like dirty dishwater) is toned down and works with the flavours. I’ve drunk litres of the stuff. Give it a go, if you like it great, and if you don’t – send it my way!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 14.54.48

5. Sunless Sea

Last up is a Steam game. Sunless Sea was originally a Kickstarter game that sprang from the free-to-play online game Fallen London which I was pretty obsessed with a few years back. My interest in the mechanics of that game waned, but the world and the stories still held my attention, and I bought this game just after it came out in 2015. Since then, I’ve played around 100 hours, and in mid Feb, laid up with a broken bum and in a grump with a new game beset with crashing errors (eye roll), I spent a few days immersing myself in the world and starting afresh. I’ve still not completed the game, which is notoriously difficult to do, but I’ve gotten further than ever before and had a lot of fun doing it! You take the role of a captain, navigating your ship on the “Sunless Sea” – a subterrenean ocean that contains numerous islands and locales to explore. The story changes each time you play based on the choices you make and random occurrences so the level of replayability is really high. It is available on Steam for PC and Mac and at £13.99 is a good price for how many hours of enjoyment you will get. It’s Steam as well, so keep your eyes peeled for a good sale price!!

This is what I was loving in February – what about you? March is well under way and I’m having a brilliant month, so expect some fun products showing up next time too!


3 thoughts on “Fave Five – February 2017

  1. I’ve been using the Ouai curly shampoo + conditioner for awhile now and I looooove it! I was considering switching to the volume version when I eventually cut my hair but I had read that it makes your hair a bit greasy, so I’m happy you’re having such a good experience with it! I think I’m gonna give it a go


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