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A Cosy Chat – 31/03/17

Is Spring finally here? As I sit writing this I can see bright sunlight shining through the window – but the goosebumps on my arms say otherwise! I’m more than ready for a change in weather and wardrobe, which I’m going to get in 2 weeks whether the UK climate decides to comply or not!

Yes, the <1 month countdown to our honeymoon has begun, and I’ve been spending most of my week researching, list writing and shopping to get myself ready for our wonderful trip. I managed to find my dedicated honeymoon notebook which had been lost for weeks (it was inside my D&D kit, of course) and my itinerary spreadsheet is now colour coded and fully filled in – it even has a new page, solely dedicated to the happy hours of Las Vegas. I love holiday planning for two reasons. One, it helps me get excited – seeing all the places I want to visit, learning traveller tips for the area and planning meals and nights out. Two, it helps calm me down – the more organised I am beforehand the more I can relax on holiday. I don’t need to plan every minute of every day, but if I know that I have a full list of all accommodation, booking references and timings for the points where we have to be at a certain place at a certain time I am 100% happier when I get to the airport.

Yeah that’s a multicoloured planning spreadsheet…

So, what else has been going on – it has been ages since I last wrote a blog post and that is largely because I’ve not had a lot to write about! Work has picked up to being super busy, and with a big holiday coming up I’ve been saving money where I can. I’ve undertaken more long drives by myself and the confidence of being a “new” driver rather than a “learner” driver is coming to me. I’m slowly but surely getting over feeling like “I can’t do this!!” and becoming happier behind the wheel. My parallel parking is still appalling though!

I’ve been reading during most down-time, as I made the mistake of reserving too many books at the library – which of course all came in at once. Now I’m working through the stack I picked up a week ago, and am trying to exercise restraint when it comes to my current reserve list. March reads is looking like it’ll be a bumper edition! There are some great recommendations coming with it though, so watch this space.

If anyone has been following the sad tale of my sad tail-bone, good news! It is just about healed. It went from 5 weeks of agony to basically mended over the course of three or so days, and now I largely don’t notice it  unless I’ve been sat for a while – watching a film or something. I’m so relieved, it truly was a painful experience. Now I can get back to running, the plane journey will be merely boring rather than miserable and I no longer wince every time I stand up. Things are good!

Expect a number of makeup posts in the coming fortnight, I’ve been trying out a number of new products ready for the brighter, warmer weather and I have some duds and some successes to report on. A PSA for you high street brand fans – Max Factor have a really good quality free gift if you spend over £15 at the moment. Well worth it for the mascara alone, which is one of my all time favourites.

The weekend brings more holiday and life admin. It is time for the semi-annual wardrobe swap. I’m getting my spring/summer clothes out of hibernation and swapping out the most wintery of my winter stuff. I always use this as an opportunity to have a clear out, and to identify any gaps (ie where the hell are all my plain t-shirts?) – this time around I really need to get into gear and check I have what I need for 16 days in a variety of climates. I might even be really organised and throw some stuff on eBay. I want to run a relaxing bath and grab my book just at the thought of doing all this!

Finally, my dress down Friday. This week I am wearing (I promise, but it was still dark when I left this morning!):

  • Jeggings -I live in these, they are the flippin’ comfiest
  • Harbour Top – Joules make amazing tops. They’re more expensive, but great fit and quality. Plus, bees!
  • White Nikes (the joys of fitting kids sizes!) – breaking these in for holiday

Love this outfit, simple, comfy and still manages to look like I at least thought about it this morning!

Have a great weekend everyone,

E x



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