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A Cosy Chat – 7/04/17

This time next week I will be in Las Vegas! I can’t believe that our honeymoon is finally here, 5 months after our wedding. I’m really pleased we have had the extra time to enjoy being married and to have time we can dedicate solely to planning and saving for an incredible holiday, rather than trying to juggle that alongside wedding prep. I am so ready for a break, we are going to one of my favourite places in the entire world to begin with and then onto a load of new sights and locations… and we get to sleep on a train! It is going to be an incredible trip, and I feel very lucky that we are in a position to be able to take it – thanks in huge part to our incredibly generous friends and family who contributed to our honeymoon gift registry. I intend to make the very most of our good fortune and not waste a second of the experience (ok, maybe waste an hour being in a food coma after our Caesar’s Palace buffet experience, but afterwards, enjoying every minute).

I decided that I needed a pink hoodie to go with my jeans for holiday (always good to have something to throw on when it gets chilly at night) and I found this after determining that all the usual high street and online suspects were “not the right pink” (or only in a size 4, thanks Primark). I’ve bought one pair of boots on Amazon before and decided to risk this. The reviews helpfully said that it was true to size, too big and too small all at once, so I went with my actual size and hoped for the best. Size is fine. The colour on the other hand… well I love it but when it says neon, it means neon. I took it out of the packaging and it lit up the kitchen. It hurts the eyes! At least there is no risk of Mr Cosy losing me in a crowd. I’m not sending it back, I wanted bright pink and I got it… maybe a few washes will tone it down just a little bit.


Last week Mr Cosy and I celebrated 4 years together, which has both flown by and feels much longer in a “can’t imagine life any other way” type way. Soppy. We celebrated with a gorgeous bottle of champagne gifted to us by some good friends all the way over in Bermuda, and I cooked up an Asian “fakeaway” feast. I made pork and chive dumplings, spring onion pancakes, crab summer rolls (yummy but such a faff to make when you aren’t super dextrous!) and the piece de resistance, grilled prawn toast (recipe here). We both love a Chinese takeaway, but it isn’t the healthiest, and deep fried prawn toasts are as bad for you as they are delicious! Finding out how to make these has been awesome, and they taste even better than the fried versions because the prawn flavour comes through much more. The prawn topping (or “glop” as Mr Cosy calls it) looks super gross, but it is definitely worth trying out! I will admit that I take a shortcut and blend the mix rather than finely chopping as suggested in the recipe, it is so much easier! I love a long potter about in the kitchen, and I really enjoyed making all this food. The most difficult thing is the timing when you are working on a few dishes at once, so I probably wouldn’t recommend trying anything like this for more than say 6 people – unless you are a less stress-headed host than I am (not hard)!

BUM WATCH UPDATE (awful). It is just about better! Had a mini pain-relapse this week, but I plan on taking a warm bath tonight and treating myself to some pamper time. I think I’ll get through the flight without too much difficulty, I just need to keep my general fidgetiness in check. I have learned my lesson and now slippers with proper grips are worn on the stairs at all times. Goodness, I hope when we buy a house we get one with a less steep staircase!

Speaking of buying a house, that is hopefully on the agenda for this Summer. One of the key things we want is off-road parking. Where we currently live, the parking situation is all on-street and a permit-less free for all. Most of the time we get parked without much of a problem, but there simply aren’t enough spaces on the street for all the cars that belong to the people that live there. Being the highly strung person that I am, I do sometimes find the struggle for a space a bit aggravating, but not anywhere close to the level that other people seem to have hit this week! One car apparently outstayed it’s welcome and ended up with a rather curtly worded note (laminated!) stuck to the windscreen. I will admit that I am a sucker for a bit of passive-aggressive drama, but only when I get to be an observer. If that was my car I’d be mortified… and I certainly wouldn’t ever dare put a note on someone else’s car! Roll on a house with a driveway – and some chill neighbours I hope!

Finally, my goodness have you seen the Easter eggs in M&S? They are all amazing looking but if you only get one thing may I be so bold as to recommend the salted caramel and chocolate ganache eggs? You get a pack of 4 and when you pick it up you know they are going to be amazing because the pack weighs a ton! They. Are. Delicious. Seriously. Delicious on a scale of I-wish-I’d-never-found-out-that-these-exist. Lucky that we go away soon so I can’t get through any more. Yum.

So that’s me, eating chocolate while I wait for on-street drama to unfold, classy as ever. I hope you have all had a week as yummy as those eggs, and I can’t wait to send my next update from the USA! Roll on Thursday…

Have a lovely weekend,

E x



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